Author: Vicki M. Taylor
Trust in the Wind

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

Trust in the Wind- Chosing single motherhood in her teens, Joanne lost everything, including the support and love of her family. Pregnant and alone, she makes the decision to go forth with her life. She trust no one and firmly locks the door of her heart. She vowed to become independent, trust only the wind, and to never let love break down the barriers surrounding her heart. That is . . . until she met Roy. I finished reading Trust in the Wind and realized that once again Ms Taylor convinced me to “latched on” to her characters with a vengance. I can honestly say that if harm had befallen certain ones, she would not have been forgiven.

Strong characters, suspenseful, and a love scene that massaged my heart. This was one time where the romance was beautiful; a gift . . . in a sense. As I read parts of it, I found myself saying, “I want that kind of love!” Every scene, every exciting movement, and yes, even the kisses exchanged, were given to me in such a way that an artist could not have painted a better picture for my senses to enjoy.

Ms. Taylor, we have a winner.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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