Author: Lauren E. Sullivan
Inspired Life Design

Reviewed By: Georgia Richardson

I want to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Going one step further, I’ll add that I really don’t believe it matters what stage of life you’re experiencing, you’ll find something within the pages of this book that resonates within.

Ms Sullivan’s book is warm, inviting, and almost like having your own personal life coach sitting across from you helping you to make sense of the chaos and showing you how to take charge of your broken dreams, encouraging you all the way. I felt a kinship with her once I finished the book.

The fluff and hype is absent, thank goodness, and instead you’re presented with REAL help to transform your life in the form of the ’Seven Stepping Stones.’ Chapter by chapter, each step is clear, concise, and gentle. These steps will teach you to look within to start your own personal journey, and to stay focused on the positive; the hope. As Lauren puts it, ’The journey starts with taking personal responsibility for the quality of your life, and making the choice to step into your power as a woman.’ This one sentence alone was worth the read! Thank you Ms Sullivan! This book is powerful, bold, and coming from a woman in the throws of mid-life, to me it was magical. Don’t miss it. I highly recommend Give Wings to Your Dreams.

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Anne Holmes Boomer-in-Chief of NABBW
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