Author: Judy Massey

Reviewed By: Melinda Cianos

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Seems before you know it you are treading the well-worn path to old age and the travel spurs more than its share of reflection. Freelance writer, Judy Massey, offers the thoughts of notable personalities like The Dalai Lama, Margaret Atwood, John Lennon, Woody Allen, to name a few in her compilation of wise and truthful revelations. Author H.G. Wells turned a phrase or two on the experience of aging: “We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and a mystery.”—and it is gentle reminders like these that go an incredibly long way to dispel anxiety. Feasting on 73 pages of witticisms is pure fun, and what you are left with is a playful, yet meaningful, nudge toward not taking yourself too seriously.

I love to browse quotations and commentaries. I flipped through and found quotes by some of my favorite people. Abraham Lincoln, being the bright and wise and eloquent man that he was, makes a simple yet powerful statement: “I’d like to think I am smarter than I was yesterday.” Truth is, we have to work to keep ourselves open to that— the wisdom and the growth. I’ll take the help wherever I can find it. Boomerangst is a pleasant way to stumble onto worthwhile words of encouragement.

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