Our Ageless Style group is coming to you with the perfect prompt from Mireille for the fall season with layering up.
The three of us at Jodie’s Touch of Style decided to take that idea and show ways how to style blazers casually.

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been seeing blazers everywhere at the stores, online, and on other influencers. I’ve always been a huge fan of blazers because they are basically an upscale jacket.

I realize that once you retire, you think you should give away your “working” clothes and that’s when most of us purge our blazers. But I’m here to say that if they still fit and you still love them, there is no reason you shouldn’t be wearing them as we are showing how to style blazers casually.

Insider tip: Because many women DO give away their blazers when they retire, you can find some great deals on them at thrift stores. If you love it, buy it. Don’t second guess yourself about where you will wear it. Just think of it as a jacket and maybe even hang it in your coat closet.

However, if you don’t love shopping for secondhand styles, then you can still find some great deals on blazers online. I have a couple in the widget below that are under $75, but also feel free to email me at Jtouchofstyle@gmail.com and I can search my affiliate program for you.

Since we have talked about this same idea of how to style blazers casually in the summertime, I thought it would be great to create these looks for a typical fall day in Arizona. That means we are layered up.

This isn’t the first time we have showcased blazers when they aren’t being styled for going to the office.

The Secret of How to Style a Blazer Casually

There are 2 tricks to make your blazer outfit seem less office-appropriate.

One is to consider the blazer itself. Here are details that make them less “work-like”

  • Color. Forget the black, brown, or neutral blazers. Try bright pink or another color that really stands out.
  • Material. There are blazers that are made of sequins or other such shine and bling. There are also ones made out of knits which have lots of stretch. Remember, we get to have fun with our clothes now.
  • Cut. Not all blazers have to be fitted and structured. There are relaxed or “boyfriend” versions that can work on any body shape.

The other idea of how to style a blazer casually (which is what the three of us focused on throughout this article) is what you wear WITH your blazer.

Insider tip: Think opposites. Your blazer may “seem” like office attire, but if you pair it with everyday casual items, then you’re changing the overall vibe.

Charlotte- How to Style a Blazer Casually with Jeans and Boots

Woman Over 80 And How To Style Blazers Casually
Jeans: no label-Goodwill~~ Jacket: no label-bought in Japan~~ Top: men’s undershirt-Dollar Tree ~~ Boots: no label-DSW ~~ Purse: Urban Outfitters-thrifted

Most of us think of a blazer as a jacket with lapels and shaping. Charlotte wore a version that could be called many things. You might refer to it as a shacket, a jacket, or even a blouse. But it wouldn’t be incorrect to also call it a blazer.

I love that it’s a relaxed shape yet it has vertical seams which give it more of a structured look.

My mom didn’t think she needed another pair of jeans in her closet, but on our thrifting trip where we each acted as each other’s stylists, Suzanne found these fabulous light wash jeans that fit my mom so well (except she did have to shorten them).

Most of us have the idea that lighter denim is more casual, so that works perfectly with our theme of how to style blazers casually.

Then since the jeans are lighter, my mom wore an ivory pair of boots and even added a fringe, suede purse to the look.
If you look closely, you can see that her necklace and earrings have owls on them. She has a slight obsession with owls.

Insider tip: She’s also wearing a man’s undershirt that she scored from the Dollar Tree. These work as great layering tops.

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Lesley-Denim Skort with Long Blazer and Sneakers

Woman Over 70 For How To Style Blazers Casually
Skort: Lee Riders ~~ Blazer: And Now This-JCPenneys ~~ Top: Charter Club-Macys~~ Shoes: Ros (formerly Walking Cradles) “Orleans” use code JODIE10~~ Purse: no lable~~Hat: Sacred Hats-from local boutique

Lesley loves a skort in any material and she has showcased this denim one when we talked about denim skirts earlier this year.

She told me “I’ve seen many online photos of young women wearing the fall trend of oversized blazers with mini skirts. I’ve outgrown mini skirts, but this skort is above my knees so I considered it great for a copy of the trend.”

While she kept the look casual with the denim skort, t-shirt, and navy sneakers, she still made the outfit intentional by adding a scarf under the collar of the blazer and including wonderful accessories.

Isn’t the heart shape on the top of this hat to die for? This type of rancher’s style felt hats are being shown everywhere, and YES, you too can wear them.

Insider tip: Many people will say that they like hats on other people but can’t wear hats themselves. That’s pure hogwash. I know because it happened to Rob. What I’ve figured out is until you start wearing hats more, you aren’t used to how they look on you. Seriously. Just start wearing them around more, take photos of yourself, and soon you will be a hat fan.

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Jodie-How to Style a Blazer Casually with Athleisure Wear

Double Breasted Blazer Worn Casually
Joggers: Peach~~ Blazer: GibsonLook-won in giveaway ~~ Sports Bra: Nike ~~ Shoes: Jambu “Sandy” c/o ~~ Earrings: vintage~~ Purse: from Just Be Youtiful ~~Hat: gifted from beauty company

You’ve seen this mint, double-breasted blazer as part of my airport outfit when we went on our cruise. Because it’s a knit material, I thought it was a perfect jacket to stay warm, look good, and could be worn with a wide variety of outfits for our recent trip.

For today’s outfit, I chose to wear a dog-walking outfit and then layer up with my blazer. Seriously, when we got home from these photos, I took off the blazer and purse, and this is how I was out walking my pup.

Maybe that’s why I just love blazers so much? They can transform a workout look to seem appropriate for running errands.

You’ve seen the joggers long ago when I showcased how to style them from home to fancy. And then this “top” is actually a sports bra. You may remember it from when we worked with Nike.

Insider tip: You probably have many “tops” in your Wardrobe that aren’t hanging in your closet. Think not only about sports bras and shirts, but also pajama tops, camis, and even your mate’s shirts. This can be especially useful when you are layering another item over them.

Related post: Can you wear a sports bra as a top?

Like Lesley, my idea of how to style blazers casually was to wear sneakers. And I donned a baseball cap for my head.

So what do you think?
Will you try a couple of these ideas for how to wear a blazer casually?

How To Style Blazers With Casual Items

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How To Style Blazers Casually

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