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I want to let you know that I won’t be providing fresh posts this week or next, as my wife and I are taking a two-week vacation. We’re driving from Baltimore to a succession of marvelous Southeastern cities where it will be our great pleasure to visit with friends we rarely see – some of whom we’ve known since elementary school.

Also, I could use a little break to recharge the batteries and take in fresh ideas.

If you are a paid subscriber,  your subscription period is being extended by two weeks so you don’t have to pay for my vacation.

The next weekly post will be in your email inbox on November 18.

 Thank you for your loyal and enthusiastic readership and your lively comments. It means everything.

Best wishes,


Don Akchin Publisher/Podcaster at The EndGame

Don Akchin is a recovering journalist who publishes a weekly newsletter and biweekly podcast called The EndGame, which encourages "chronologically gifted" baby boomers to live their later years with joy and purpose. In his former life he wrote for magazines, newspapers, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations.