This is
the third contemporary romance novel I’ve read
by Lauren Blakely. She knows how
to turn up the heat between the sheets and wherever her characters can find a
place to sneak a kiss or two. So, let’s meet Julia, a sexy bar owner (Cubic Z) and
a bartender who knows how to churn out her signature drink – the Purple Snow Globe.
She has a sharp wit and knows how to deal with customers who try to hit on her.  

She’s also
looking for a no strings relationship until McKenna, her sister plays matchmaker,
and she meets Clay, a sexy entertainment lawyer. The chemistry between these two
is hot and heavy. However, Julia is trying her best to shield her heart. She’s also
in deep as a poker player in an underground poker ring run by Charlie, a man
she owes a lot of money all because of an ex-boyfriend. Because of this, she is
also shielding those she loves for fear of Charlie hurting them.

this was a quick read. The sex scenes were well done. I enjoyed the characters,
dialogue, and motivation. I also enjoyed the intrigue of danger lurking in the
shadows because of the debt Julia owes to Charlie. And just when I was looking
to turn the pages to see what happens next (Charlie and Clay come face-to-face),
the book ended and I was prompted to read the other book in the series. Anyway,
two thumbs up for this first book in the series!

Rating: 4

Some of my
favorite lines:

I could
act all prim and demure like I planned to just kiss Clay and send him on his
way. But the thought of getting hot and bothered and then forbidding any
south-of-the-border activity had zero appeal to me. If I was going for him, I
was going for all of him. I didn’t care if that made me look sex-hungry. I was.
I was jonesing for the kind of roll in the hay that would demolish the tension
in my shoulders, let me forget the things I wanted to forget. I had so much trouble
in my life, no thanks to my ex, who’d left town and saddled me with all his
problems. Life had been non-stop pressure and worry since then, and I needed a
break from it for just one night.

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