This is
the first time I’m reading anything by Kathryn
Shay and it won’t be the last. So,
let’s meet Special Agent in Charge Nick Marino who is assigned to the Presidential
Protective Detail of the president of the United States, James Monroe Manwaring.
The president wants Nick to go to Catasaga to protect his sister, Isabelle who
has been getting threatening notes and could be in grave danger. Nick’s not
happy about this babysitting assignment and would rather be in the “kill zone.”

When Nick
meets Isabelle, the widowed mother of six years old twin boys, Jamie and Ryan, she
is cold towards him and appears not to take seriously the danger she and her
children are in. Nick is leery of Isabelle’s friends especially the men who are
taking an interest in her (the boys’ teacher – Trey Hanover, the local police sergeant
– Burke Olsen and the doctorate student – Oliver Wilson). 

Nevertheless, while
Nick is protecting Isabelle their attraction heats up after Isabelle runs into
his room in a panic because she sees someone on the dock. Nick is naked and she
couldn’t resist admiring his body and Nick sees her exposed breast under a thin
tank top which he couldn’t resist admiring either.

to explain why Nick is there to fix a deck that doesn’t need fixing Isabelle
tells her friend Mary Ellen that she and Nick are dating. A good cover story that
becomes a reality amidst the danger surrounding them. Thankfully, Nick has help
from his brother, Gabe another agent and his cousin, Agent Whitney Dwyer to
crack the case.

this was a quick and intriguing read with realistic dialogue and strong
motivation. I enjoyed the storyline, especially finding out who was behind the
threatening notes. Also, I enjoyed meeting the Marino family and the bond they all
shared. The author did a good job showing the struggles that Nick and Isabelle
went through in fighting their love for each other when everyone around them including
the president knew how they felt about each other.

A must-read.
Two thumbs up!

Rating: 4

Some of my
favorite lines:

“So, how far has it gone?” Mary Ellen
was leering a bit, too. “Seen him naked yet?”

Yes. “No, of course not. Some easy
affection is all.”          

“No kiss?”

Isabelle felt the flush again. She’d
been dreaming earlier of bouts of kissing with the man. “Um, yeah, some.”

                “Do tell. My
love life is zilch right now. I want prurient details so I can live

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