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Who, Me? Paranoid?

 Author: Erica Stux  Category: Humor  Published: 01 Dec, 2006  ISBN: 1587366762  Pages: 148  Language: English  Tags: Book | Erica Stux | Humor |  Buy Now

“From reusing Saran Wrap to the ‘care and feeding of dishwashers, ‘ Erica Stux, a delightfully funny, housewifely humorist, keeps us thoroughly entertained. One cannot read one chapter without being eager for the next. Don’t start reading her unless it’s okay to be late for an appointment. Entirely her own woman— original to a fault— Erica Stux writes in the superb tradition of Erma Bombeck and Dorothy Parker . . .” Shelley Berman, actor and comedian “I knew early on that Life is out to get me,” writes Erica Stux in “Who, Me? Paranoid?” Instead of (or in addition to) curling up in the fetal position when faced with some of life’s more interesting challenges— a cat that refuses to catch mice, the search for a nonexistent party, a hospital stay, a tax audit— she’s learned to find the humor in the situation, and to make us laugh about it.

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