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The Augmented Man

 Author: Joseph Carrabis  Category: Thriller  ISBN: 979-8987804803  Pages: 453  Tags: Book | Joseph Carrabis |  Buy Now

Nicholas Trailer is the last of The Augmented Men.

The last of nine severely abused and traumatized children biogenetically engineered into super soldiers beyond anything ever conceived throughout all of history. These children, modified into monsters and each capable of executing the most horrifying deeds without feeling remorse or regret, are loosed upon the enemy to help the US win a war rampaging far longer than anyone believed possible.

The war ended with Nick’s team sacrificed to the enemy as part of the truce. His team tortured and killed in front of him, Nick alone escaped, returned home, and hid deep in the northern Maine forests.

Until someone said, “I love you.”

But Nick’s never been loved, doesn’t know if he can even feel love, and for the first time since Augmentation is terrified the monster he is might destroy the woman who wants to teach him about love.

Desperate for a solution, Nick seeks out his handlers. But his handlers thought him dead, gone, a bad memory, and no longer their concern.

Nick surfaces and is quickly recognized as a threat to the government’s clandestine Augmentation Program. Those in power give Nick’s creator, Major James Donaldson, explicit orders: kill it before it kills again.

Find out what happens when the ultimate weapon falls in love.

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