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 Author: RC and JP CARTER  Category: Thriller  Pages: 288  Buy Now

This is book 23 in the MAGNOLIA BLUFF CRIME CHRONICLES Series.
Danny & Maria have moved their young family from Tampa, Florida to the outskirts of Magnolia Bluff, Texas. They have spent the last year and a half renovating an old Victorian mansion. It had been neglected for years and needed a lot of work. Now, most of the work is done. During renovations they would hear things go bump in the night. Floorboards would creak. Sometimes, tools would be found in very odd places. They did not think much of that until their son woke up screaming for them in the middle of the night. He had seen a shadowy man at the foot of his bed. Danny immediately called his cousin Mike in Tampa.

Mike and his wife Maureen are paranormal investigators with Tampa Bay Spirits. As soon as they got the call, they packed up their car and headed west. While enroute to Magnolia Bluff, Maureen sees in her mind’s eye a shadowy figure walking through the house. The closer they get to Magnolia Bluff, the stronger Mike feels someone in Magnolia Bluff will be murdered.

Is Mike’s premonition correct? Is there a shadowy figure walking through the mansion? Who is the shadowy figure? Why is he there? What is lurking in the attic? Who is in danger? What else will the team discover during their visit in peaceful Magnolia Bluff?

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