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Beyond Menopause

 Author: Carolyn Torkelson  Category: Holistic medicine  Published: 01 Oct, 2022  ISBN: 1032164964  Pages: 212  Language: English  Tags: Book | Carolyn Torkelson | Holistic medicine |  Buy Now

Beyond Menopause uncovers the unique healthcare needs of postmenopausal women. It offers women integrative holistic approaches that bridge the gap between conventional medicine and systems of holistic healing. The book highlights integrative strategies in the context of common health conditions, including anxiety, fatigue, sleep disturbance, sexual health, weight concerns, bone health, and brain health. It provides information on the use of hormone therapy during the Menopause transition. The book features clinical vignettes illustrating how individual women explore pathways to better health through shared decision-making with their health practitioners.

Women of postmenopausal age want to remain healthy, vital, and engaged, yet they are often overlooked in the healthcare system. In this phase of life, women need to create their own integrative path to wellness. Beyond Menopause shows women how to prime their voice for self-advocacy and establish collaborative relationships with their health practitioners. Women are advised to create an adaptable network of practitioners to accommodate changing needs―their own “web of wellness.”

Beyond Menopause brings a fresh perspective to the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of holistic living. From the distinct vantage points of medicine and neuroscience, the authors guide women toward new pathways to optimal health and well-being.

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