Thursday - February 22nd, 2024
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Unlock Safari’s Secrets on Your Mac in Just Five Lessons

Unlock Safari’s Secrets On Your Mac In Just Five Lessons &Raquo; UnlocksafariWelcome to “Unlock Safari’s Secrets on Your Mac in Just Five Lessons” by BoomerTECH Adventures.

This course, in just five lessons, teaches you the ins and out of using Safari in an efficient manner. There are features in Safari that most of us never explore. Thus, for example, we miss knowing how to avoid having our search data collected and sold.

Even more basic, there are screen formatting and layout features we can control that make our time on the internet more pleasant.

The multitude of icons and buttons can be confusing and lead to false starts and frustration. We would like to help you avoid such situations!

These five videos will help you make sense of both many obvious and hidden Safari features. View and review them at your own pace.

Why this course?

On a weekly basis, many folks spend more than a few hours searching the internet. Safari offers some unique features not available on other browsers. By mastering these options, you will become a more efficient internet surfer/searcher and eliminate many time- consuming false starts when seeking information.