Friday - February 23rd, 2024
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Speak Out Communication: The 5-Minute Recipe for Impactful Speech

Speak Out Communication: The 5-Minute Recipe For Impactful Speech &Raquo; Speakout

Attention Boomers, It Is Time to be Heard!

Introducing the first communications course developed exclusively for Baby Boomers that gives you the tools to move, touch, and inspire by mastering impactful speech. Find your voice through a proven recipe that will help you Speak Out!

Master Impactful Speech

For Your Health, Your Wealth, Your Cause, Your Family

  • Your experience and expertise must not be wasted. The World needs what you have to offer.
  • You need not struggle with finding life purpose or active contribution after Retirement. Your life is just beginning.
  • You can be the change the world needs by promoting the good cause you hold in your heart.
  • Your wisdom can better your family.
  • You can control your healthcare and enjoy healthy longevity.

All of this requires that you remain influential and never be marginalized because of age, career status, or the prejudice of others about aging. You can Move, Touch, and Inspire anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Experience the powerful surge of Speaking Out! to make a difference in all areas of your life.

Use this winning formula and Speak Out! With Impact!

  • Experience the power of Speaking Out! and make a difference in all areas of your life.
  • Tell your own story so that it Moves, Touches, and Inspires others to action
  • Overcome any shyness or reluctance to ask for what you want
  • Master how to communicate through email, social media, or whatever new technology is developed in the future
  • Discover how to meet any objection, intrusion, and pushback unemotionally and effectively

This course includes A multi-page workbook, audios, and videos. It is all you need to make an impact immediately