Thursday - February 22nd, 2024
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Introduction to Zoom Basics

Introduction To Zoom Basics &Raquo; ZoombasicsAre you using Zoom more than ever?

In this course by BoomerTECH Adventures, Chris Toy, Jill Spencer, and Ed Brazee, you will learn everything you need to get started with the Zoom Video Conferencing platform.

The course includes eight videos that explain how the basic Zoom tools work while demonstrating each tool on different types of devices—smartphones, tablets, and computers. Course content includes: Muting/unmuting audio and video; using chat; screen sharing; recording; trouble-shooting; scheduling meetings; break-out rooms, and much more. Two key videos explain about hardware, software, and networks for getting set-up and started, while you will learn to present yourself, knowing where to place the camera (and you!), as well as appropriate lighting.

This course is appropriate for Zoom beginners as well as those who have used Zoom and want to learn more.

Why this course?

Let’s get creative using Zoom to make your meetings, classes, and even family gatherings productive, fun, and intuitive. Your friends, colleagues, & students will appreciate your knowledge of this video conferencing platform to get the most out of virtual interactions!