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Where Dandelions Grow

 Author: Maya Delaney (Mai Joe)  Category: Angels  ISBN: 979-8398907711  ASIN: B0C8QXC85S  Pages: 184  Buy Now

The dandelion, being a notorious garden weed, actually comes with a special message: When healing from emotional pain or physical injury, we are told not to give up. On a seemingly endless trail of explorations and discoveries, Ms. Delaney becomes a quick-study in the field of Epistemology.

This role would take her through a kaleidoscope of information and the dilemma of sorting out “opinion” as opposed to “justifiable belief”. As such, Ms. Delaney proceeds to walk down “the yellow brick road”, that the journey of a thousand miles would begin with the first step.

Where Dandelions Grow is the third book in a series of five, the latter two to be completed in the near future. THE TRAIN TRACK TRAIL and EMAILS TO HEAVEN are Ms. Delaney’s first two publications. Her writings are autobiographical in nature, presenting a continuous chain of events that took place after her husband’s diagnosis of cancer and his eventual passing in February of 2017.

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