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When the Psychology Professor Met the Minister

 Author: Dave Roberts, Patty Furino  Category: Autobiography  Published: 01 Jan, 2021  ISBN: 9798711461456  Pages: 196  Language: English  Tags: Autobiography | Book | Dave Roberts |  Buy Now

As an addiction professional for the State of New York, and adjunct psychology professor, Dave Roberts had a science-based and rational view of how the world operates. On March 1, 2003, Dave’s daughter Jeannine died of an aggressive form of cancer. Dave used his clinical expertise to understand and deal with his Grief and loss. His life was focused solely on honoring the memory of his daughter but this perspective unexpectedly changed when he visited the home of Reverend Patty Furino. The Reverend is a private woman with a deep and intimate connection of the multidimensional Universe. Dave’s spiritually transformative experience allowed him to ultimately find peace with his daughter’s passing and the realization he was more than a “bereaved parent.”

Dave takes you along on his extraordinary journey of discovery, sharing details from divinely guided topics and marathon discussions he experienced with Pat. They provide a framework for how spiritual practices can be integrated with psychological interventions, guiding individuals to navigate through various life challenges.

When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister aspires to empower young and old alike, to uncover and understand their place in the universe during these uncertain and chaotic times in the world.

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