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We Don’t Want YOU, Uncle Sam: Examining the Military Recruiting Crisis with Generation Z

 Author: Matthew Weiss  Category: Military Life  ISBN: 979-8218236663  Pages: 240  Tags: Matthew Weiss | Military Life & Institutions History |  Buy Now

This is what generation Z is saying with respect to military service.

The all-volunteer force that has served our country well for more than 50 years is at a critical inflection point. Today, recruiters are struggling to bring enough Zoomers into the armed services. Mismatched fundamental ideals, divergent beliefs about the workplace, and other sociocultural influences have contributed to the United States military scrambling to get a grasp on how to appeal to Gen Z.

Through the use of personal life stories and macro analysis, this book
explains why military recruiting in the United States is at an all-time low in order to suggest ways that American society and its leaders can fix this issue. We must rebuild the value proposition of military service by
demonstrating the benefits of the world’s greatest physical social network.

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