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Undaunted Optimist

 Author: Chris Rodell  Category: Humor  Published: 01 Sep, 2020  ISBN: 1948598418  Pages: 184  Language: English  Tags: Book | Chris Rodell |  Buy Now

Ever wonder how old you’ll be in heaven? If righteous cavemen and women will make the heavenly cut? And, gee, if marriage is so great then how come there’s no Mrs. God? Chris Rodell wonders about stuff like that all the time. He wonders about holidays, occupations, traffic and if refrigerating your deodorant adds zing to your morning.Yes, it’s a wonder-full life.In the foreword he wrote for his 2019 book on Fred Rogers, Pennsylvania Gov, Tom Ridge wrote, “Rodell writes about America the way Sinatra sings about New York, unflinching about the gritty realities, but with abiding affection and relentless positivity about the future.”It’s a zany world out there and it takes a nimble mind to sort it all out. Rodell does it with style, warmth, an engaging euphoria and undaunted optimism that lets every reader know he enjoys being human and enjoys human beings.

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