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The Money Formula: Change Your Relationship With Money In Seven Steps And 15 Minutes Or Less

 Author: Leslie Juvin-Acker  Category: Business & Economics  Tags: Book | Leslie Juvin-Acker |  Buy Now
Emotional intelligence expert Leslie Juvin-Acker became a millionaire using the principles revealed in The Money Formula.

The Money Formula is a seven-step method that gets to the roots of self-sabotaging financial behaviors and teaches you how to correct them for good.What’s the first thought you think when you hear the word ‘money’? Leslie Juvin-Acker, Chief Happiness Officer of Leslie Inc. and career development and emotional intelligence expert, declares that our relationship with money is deeply rooted in our subconscious mind from memories stored in our childhood and can be reprogrammed within minutes.

Like most people, you probably have more than one family member or friend with an unhealthy relationship to money that can’t seem to break free no matter what they try to do to save, budget, and cut down on spending. Maybe you’ve tried every solution to earn more money but can’t seem to break free. Sadly, this is the reality for millions of Americans who live and die in debt.

The Money Formula offers a fast, simple solution that you can apply to every word in your financial vocabulary from money, mortgage, debt, and more. Stop feeling bad every time you make a purchase. Learn how to control what you think and how you feel about money once and for all. Think money. Feel happy.

This book drops the emotional baggage that comes with wealth and abundance and sets listeners free to enjoy a new relationship with money.

  • Where do our attitudes about money come from?
  • How are you limiting your earning potential?
  • Are you creating unnecessary strain in your personal relationships when it comes to money?
  • Are you repeating financial behaviors that you learned from your parents?
  • Can you tap into your imagination to create new solutions for financial abundance?
  • What is the key to true financial freedom?

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