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Silver Threads Gratitude Journal

- Using the Power of Positivity to Create Your Own Happiness… One Glimmer at a Time
 Author: Sarah Ratekin  Category: Personal Growth  ISBN: 979-8987647615  Pages: 153  Tags: Sarah Ratekin |  Buy Now

Ever been told to “Look for the silver lining”? Maybe you’re just caught up in the frantic pace of daily life, or perhaps facing life-changing experiences, but when times are tough, making space for the good in our lives can be easier said than done, or even feel completely impossible! It’s easy to get trapped in the spiral of negative self-talk and feel like everything is a tangled mess, or like you’re alone in your frustration, and worry. There’s no shame in that, it’s part of being human.

The idea for “silver threads” was born out of that kind of desperation. Sometimes life is hard – really, really hard. We can honor that reality and still find ways to create balance in our mind, body, and spirit. When my life fell apart in truly spectacular Fashion, I felt totally overwhelmed when people would tell me to look for the silver lining, but I knew something had to give. That’s when the idea for “Silver threads” came to me – Maybe I couldn’t reframe the entire experience, but what could I hang onto? And there they were, those momentary positive experiences, things that make us smile or bring us joy, maybe even just for a heartbeat. And once I started looking, I found more and more of them, all around me.

But don’t take my word for it. My own research and that of the thousands of scientists like me tell us that gratitude is a powerful tool for improving our life, our health, and our relationships, both at home and in our professional lives.

By investing just a few minutes a day to focus on the good, we can tap into the power of gratitude and start to weave our own silver linings one shining “silver thread” at a time. When we give ourselves the gift of pausing to appreciate the things that are going right or just make us smile (and trust me, they’re out there!) we can teach our minds to actively seek out the good that is all around us, and remind us that despite the challenges of the human condition, there is beauty, joy, and happiness in our lives.

Start your personal gratitude practice today and enjoy:

  • Simple, easy-to-use design for busy lives
  • Weekly space for affirmations and regular reflection
  • Periodic Power Pauses to squeeze more joy out of your experiences
  • Inspirational quotes to enhance your gratitude practice

This journal is the perfect gift for anyone in your life who could benefit from a daily gratitude practice.

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