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Reimagining Retirement: 9 Keys to True Wealth

 Author: Eric J. Weigel  Category: Retirement  ISBN: 979-8218058647  ASIN: B0BDXQNM6C  Pages: 270  Buy Now

Retirement today is a lot more complex than the Retirement of our parents and grandparents. Our expectations for what we want out of life are different from previous generations. We see more possibilities, but we also face more pitfalls and hurdles. We want to not only live longer but live better. We want to enjoy today but must prepare for many tomorrows. We don’t want our lives to stop now that our careers no longer define us. We feel capable of doing so many things with our time and life experience. We don’t see why we should not keep pushing ahead by learning and experiencing new things and challenging ourselves to keep growing, rather than just wilting away with diminished expectations.

Whether you are newly retired or simply in the early stages of planning, the possibilities for what you want to do in the future are endless. As our choices have expanded, we are often left more confused and stressed. More choices imply more decisions and responsibility but Eric J. Weigel shows that the solution to finding joy and fulfillment in the sea of complexity and confusion that characterizes today’s Retirement world is to start with what you want and then work backward. It involves becoming completely clear about your vision for your Future Self—who you want to be, what you aspire to, and what type of life you want to lead, all in alignment with your core values and beliefs.

The clearer you are about your Future Self, the less distracted you’ll be with today’s complex and endless options. You’ll know where you want to go and plan accordingly. You’ll deal with today’s complexity and the vast range of choices by, ironically, rejecting the majority of possible paths you could take. Your focus will be your strength.

In this book, you’ll learn how to formulate the vision of your Future Self by combining your values, beliefs, aspirations, and purpose for why this is your chosen destiny. Your Future Self answers your what and why.

Along with your vision of your Future Self, you’ll need a system for creating the change you want. The 9 Keys to True Wealth encapsulated in the NET WEALTH system cover all major areas of your life. It starts with the traditional drivers of Retirement planning—where you live (your NEST), your money situation (EARNINGS), and how you spend your TIME. It then focuses on the other areas of your life that can truly turbo-charge your happiness and fulfillment: sharing your knowledge and experience (WORK), regulating your emotions (EMOTIONAL ENERGY), pursuing meaningful goals (ACHIEVEMENTS), growing spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually (LEARNING), remaining engaged deeply in the lives of family and friends (TRIBE), and staying physically and mentally fit (HEALTH).

By designing your own version of your Future Self and adopting the NET WEALTH system you will make more informed and intentional decisions. You’ll turn lack of clarity, indecision, and uncertainty into a vision for your life and give you actionable steps for finding happiness and fulfillment.

This book is for you if you are ready to take control of a future that:

  • Transforms you from where you are today to where you want to go
  • Unlocks possibilities rather than constraints
  • Looks beyond money
  • Brings joy and fulfillment to your life

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