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Parenting with Sanity and Joy

 Author: Sue Groner  Category: Parenting  Published: 07 Apr, 2020  ISBN: 1951412044  Language: English  Tags: Book | Sue Groner |  Buy Now

In this collection of readily actionable tips, parenting mentor Sue Groner distills the best parenting wisdom into one easy-to-read book, providing simple, fun, and effective guidance.

Chapters are divided into easy to explore sections.

Parenting Golden Rules
Family Time
Rules and Respect
Perspective and Judgment
Gratitude and Attitude
Food and Dining
Forbidden Phrases
Life Skills
Family Management
One Last Tip
With gentle guidance from Susan Groner, the founder of The Parenting Mentor, Parenting with Sanity and Joy will help parents feel more confident as they navigate one of the most important roles they will ever take on.

TIP #1 Say YES with Joy!

“If you know you are ultimately going to drive your child to the mall, let your daughter have a 3-person sleepover or allow your son an extra cookie after dinner – just go straight to a happy YES! When you offer up an awesome gesture as if you are doing your kids a big favor, it takes the fun out of it. It is so easy to add joy to your delivery with “Sure!” or “I’d be happy to!” or “Let’s do that!” Your enthusiasm will make your child feel even better about your YES, but best of all, it will make you feel great.”(Parenting Golden Rule #1)

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