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Mosaic Heart

 Author: Donna Mazzitelli  Category: Biography & Autobiography  Published: 14 Feb, 2022  ISBN: 1939919665  Pages: 364  Language: English  Tags: Biography & Autobiography | Book | Donna Mazzitelli |  Buy Now

“Mosaic Heart opens a gateway for anyone to go deeper into their own truth and healing.”
~Janet L. Diederichs, Healing and Teaching Arts Practitioner

Mosaic Heart is not a book solely about cancer, but cancer is an integral part of this story. As her teacher and guide, cancer helped Donna Mazzitellisee that the world and her family would go on, with or without her. Yet, if she wanted to continue to be a part of life and living, she had to learn to care for herself first. As her companion, cancer insisted it was time to take in this lesson of Self-Care, self-love, and self-compassion.

Donna’s story reflects a deep dive into the exploration of pieces of her life—most especially her marriage, family life, and the discovery of her life’s purpose beyond Midlife. Above all else, this is a love story, as Donna began to rebuild her heart.

She was in her fifties when cancer showed up. Initially, she saw cancer as an unexpected, imposing intruder—something to be feared and fought against. Something to be excised. Something to be eradicated. Ultimately, cancer turned out to be Donna’s closest friend and her most honest and life-affirming ally.

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