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Achieving your best day yet!: A more fulfilling career… a more impactful life

 Author: Eldon Henson  Category: Self-Help  Pages: 269  Buy Now

Have you ever tried to remember your best day yet? Chances are, that day was not a day spent in the workplace. In fact, most of us probably would never answer, “Go to work” when asked what you might do today if you could do anything. Is it possible that any day, including a day in the workplace, could potentially become your best day yet? This book is designed to help readers imagine that possibility. It will help you understand what makes you tick, then utilize those things that define and drive you to enhance your career in ways you never imagined possible and, ultimately, make your life more impactful than ever before.

This is a book that is easy to read and includes an abundance of real-life examples, clear and understandable lists, and applications that can be readily employed in both the workplace and in everyday life. This book will become a valuable resource for individuals, teams, and organizations.

“This book was a great read. I am giving copies to my senior team and may give a copy to all our employees. It definitely gives great tools and insight on how to make every day a great day. This is an excellent book and it is written in such a way that you can take away something on any page you open.” – Pharmaceutical CEO

“This book is a must read and great desk reference guide for managers.” – Supply Chain Manager

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