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 Author: Sue Relihan  Category: Biography & Autobiography  Published: 02 Mar, 2016  ISBN: 1504348931  Pages: 210  Language: English  Tags: Biography & Autobiography | Book | Sue Relihan |  Buy Now

Sue spent a lifetime being invisible.

Metamorphosis is a deeply vulnerable account of Sue’s journey as she attempts to find love and success. She shares how she became accustomed to paying a high price for acceptance.

Sue intertwines her pursuit of professional success and her quest for love from a Native American man who could not openly acknowledge his love for her to his closest friends and family.

When she and Michael were alone their relationship was magical, spiritual and deeply fulfilling, but ultimately it represented her invisibility and her willingness to pay for love.

In the same way at the height of her career Sue was considered a national expert on law enforcement policy, but she never completely fit in, spending most of her career hiding behind a façade she created for her own protection.

When Sue got sick in 2009, all of her worlds collided and she could no longer live life in the same way. It was time to decide if she wanted to wither inside her cocoon or choose to begin to live and thrive.

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