Tuesday - September 26th, 2023
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It Is What It Is: Learning to Live with my Brain Tumor

 Author: Julie Saeger Nierenberg  Category: Neuroscience  Published: 15 Mar, 2023  ISBN: 979-8889451310  Pages: 194  Buy Now

I wrote this manuscript to document my brain tumor discovery and decision making process, a journey spanning approximately twelve months, leading up to my final chosen method of treatment. Although my tumor was most likely benign, it was in a very serious location, sitting on top of my optic nerves, and was causing me to lose my eyesight. I had to make a decision.

Some of the chapters are humorous, some rather poignant, and some include a lot of medical details. My whole point was to let readers know what that long and involved investigative process was like. I include some self-Coaching strategies, helpful resources, and lots of email exchanges with friends, family and doctors. May all who read this find something in its chapters that resonates with your head and heart.

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