1. Why Titles Are Important. Or Are They? Louise Neil & Kim Romain 34:12

VP, SVP, Owner, Founder, Emerging Talent, Retired, Coach, Consultant, Freelancer, Entrepreneur

These are all titles we see over and over again. They can give us an immediate understanding of an individual’s role, responsibilities, and even potentially tenure. But… has the time of the importance of titles run its course? Louise and Kim passionately dive into this topic in this episode and come out on different ends.


Hellos & Welcome 0:00 

Weekly Check-in time 1:22 

Why are Titles Important? 6:38 

What Am I? Who Am I? 6:59 

Is it Really the Title You’re After 9:27 

Showing up as your Business Card 10:51 

Is Being an Entrepreneur a Career 13:15 

When There’s no Standard 13:53 

My Title Matters to Me 13:48 

Do Titles bring Clarity or Confusion 18:21 

Does Impact Matter 22:24 

Wearing the Crown of the Monarch 23:45 

Kim & Louise Disagree 25:31 

Job Crafting 27:26 

Business Crafting 29:09 

Golden nuggets time 30:03 

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