1. The Compensation Game Louise Neil & Kim Romain 37:20

If you dream of being a billionaire (like Bruno Mars) but are working 9-to-5 (like Dolly Parton), and money is what you want (like Barrett Strong said back in the 1960s), then you’re playing the Compensation Game.

There are studies abound that try to teach us the rules of engagement for the Compensation Game, such as getting a new job every 3-5 years vs. staying in a position can lead to higher compensation. But is that really the game you want to play?

This week, Kim and Louise unpack some of the rules (as we understand them) and start to identify ways you can create your own Compensation Game play that works for you as you design Your Kickass Career.

Show Notes:   
*Kim and Louise Welcome everyone to the show and do a quick weekly wrap up.   Do you think they accomplished the intentions that were set for themselves this week?
*Find out what “Cave day” is, you are going to love it. (3:15)
*Did you accomplish your intentions for this week let us know (5:00)
*Introduction to Topic “The Compensation Game” (5:28)
*What do you think of when you think of compensation (6:30)
*How does recognition look? How can companies define growth with their employees?(7:40)
*What about the idea of co-creating with your workplace and what that looks like (9:25)
*Find out what the 3 key opportunities when negotiating. (11:50)
*Are you are setting your future self up for success as well what you should expect to increase, and is it worth it?  (14:20)
*Have you ever thought about what it costs to replace you if you leave ?  What can that mean for your negotiations and thinking out of the box? (17:30)
*Find out where we are headed in regards to transparency in pay how that looks recently (18:50)
*Is it good to tell a company what your salary need are?  find out why? (20:10)
*woman seem to under negotiate themselves and their value (21:40)
*What tips for woman do they have for when they go into negotiations?  (23:17)
*Learn what a companies budget cycle means and why that is a good time or not to discuss your future with the company.  (24:27)
*What questions do you think Kim has as a follow up when denied that raise or recognition you are asking for? (25:10)
*Have you said out loud what you want in your career path?  (27:35)
*Discuss the resources to turn to reframe your value and negotiation.  (29:35)
*Discuss getting to a place of fact, and do you leave if you dont get what you want.  (31:15)
*Golden Nuggets (32:15)
*What’s coming next week?  (33:55)

Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton

Success Strategies for Women in the Workplace (LinkedIn Learning) by Kristy Hulse

You’re a Badass at Making Money, by Jen Sincero

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