1. Take Time to Pause and Reflect Louise Neil & Kim Romain 34:51

On the day of this recording, there are 50 days left in 2022. It is also Remembrance Day in Canada and throughout the British Commonwealth, Veterans Day in the United States, and we are less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving in the United States.  

So we thought it would be a great time to pause and reflect together.   Where has 2022 brought us so far? What is it we see ahead of us in the next 50 days leading into 2023? How can we find moments to give gratitude, thanks, and remembrance for ourselves, our loved ones, and our ancestors (those that came before us)?  

Join us for an introspective and Ryan Reynolds heavy discussion on the importance of taking time to pause and reflect while we practice it for ourselves and together.

Show Notes

Hellos & Welcome 0:00 Weekly Check-in time 1:31 Intro to Reflection is Intentionality 3:55

Creating Space 5:25

Getting Hooked on a Goal 7:41

Fine-Tuning Your Reception 12:10

What the Hell Just Happened Moments 14:05

Pause before the Cliff

It’s Not About What Anyone Else is Doing 19:30

Your Weekly Wrap Up 21:28

Kickass Conversations 23:03

The Ryan Reynolds Rebrand 25:39

Career Changers on LinkedIn Sidetrack 27:35

Golden Nuggets 31:10

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