1. Should I Stay or Should I Go? Knowing when it's time to leave your job Louise Neil & Kim Romain 35:53

Should I stay or should I go?

The Clash asked this important question back in 1981. It’s something we should all ask ourselves on a regular basis. Is this job, organization, project, relationship, or environment serving me? Can changes be made to make work for me? Or, should I just go?

Very often, leaving can be hard and painful, even if it’s leaving a circumstance that no longer serves us. Endings are hard. And knowing when to leave – before it gets to the point of toxic and damaging – is a skill worth learning.

This week, Kim and Louise dive into the heart of the matter and share thoughts on how to know when, prepare for, and take steps to leave a situation that is no longer serving you so you can step into your next level of growth and expansion.

Show Notes:
* Weekly Wrap-up – did we reach our intentions for the week?
* Louise discusses giving herself grace this week. (00:48)
* Kim talks about allowing herself to feel what she needed to in the heaviness of the week.  (2:04)
* Weekly Topic – “I QUIT!” – How do you know when it’s time?  (4:55)
* Why do you think it is so hard to leave a job/company/whatever? Kim and Louise uncover how it felt for them and how they knew when it was time to leave. (5:23)
* Kim notes “turning the tables” and asking why should I stay instead of why should I go. (6:40)
* Feeling “disconnected” before asking the question. (9:05)
* Realizing that at times you may not even be aware you were asking “the” question. (11:20)
* What is your responsibility to your team?  (20:35)
* Putting on your oxygen mask first.  (21:15)
* Why are you crying in the bathroom? (25:15)
* Whatever is wrong in one position/job will follow you to the next unless you deal with it first.  (29:40)
* Find out what golden nuggets Louise and Kim took away from today’s discussion.  (34:05)

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