1. Psychological Safety at Work Louise Neil & Kim Romain 35:21

Have you ever felt othered, that you don’t belong or matter at work? Do you feel like your opinions aren’t heard or that you need to say “yes” when you really mean “no”?

Then it’s possible you’re working in a psychologically unsafe environment.

This week, Kim & Louise take a peek behind the curtain at the idea of psychological safety at work. What does it mean to feel psychologically safe? What are some ways leaders (at all levels) can help to create a culture in which courage and vulnerability are the norm?

Take a listen and share your thoughts with us on this incredibly important topic.

Show Notes:
Welcome and hellos:
*Weekly Wrap-Up (00:09)
*Introduction to this week’s topic: psychological safety at work. (5:39)
*Workplaces can’t fix feelings but leaders can lead from a place of inclusivity and create a psychologically safe environment. (13:16)
*Leadership can be stepping in and showing vulnerability by taking action in different ways to inspire psychological safety. (18:38)
*What do you do when you don’t know where to begin? (20:49)
*Micro-aggressions are becoming actionable offenses and that helps people feel psychologically safe at work. (25:52)
*Consider how you can use your own courage and vulnerability to impact change in the workplace. (28:58)
*What changes have you seen when someone or an individual takes an action? Share your stories. (29:21)
*Golden Nugget (32:49)
*Next week’s topic: adaptability vs. Resilience. (34:17)

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know by Adam Grant
Creating Psychologically Safe Workplaces For LGBTQIA+ Folks by Change Catalyst
The Case for Psychological Safety and Better Teams – Dr. Rafael Chiuzi at TEDxMcMasterU
Psychological Safety: Clear Blocks to Innovation, Collaboration, and Risk-Taking – LinkedIn Course by Amy Edmundson

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