1. Getting Out of Your Own Way Louise Neil & Kim Romain 36:23

Here’s the icky truth. We all sabotage ourselves. Yup. We do it all the time.

We don’t mean to do it. We don’t mean to get in our own way and prevent ourselves from Moving forward. And yet… we do.

By procrastinating, refusing to ask for help, criticizing or judging ourselves or others, avoiding, withdrawing, or blameshifting (to name a few), we are damaging ourselves and others (and our prospects, when it comes down to it).

Why we do it and how we stop… that’s where the magic happens.

When we start to understand those two things, we can change the behaviors that keep tripping us up.

In this episode, Kim and Louise dive deep into the idea of self-sabotage and how to break those habits that keep us stuck in our work and life.

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ntro to main discussion – Self-Sabotage 8:09

Unpacking the Sabotage 13:27

Solving for X 14:16

Staying on Course 19:13

Controlling Distractions 21:46

It’s Not Pushing, It’s Joining Forces 24:46

It’s All Okay 28:40

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Golden Nuggets 33:13

Next week – Why do titles matter? Or do they? 34:49


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