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  1. Episode 169: Uroš Lovišček | Author of Master of Finance Mike Solitro 30:04

We welcome Uroš to share his story and answer 12 Questions in 30 Minutes

My name is Uros Loviscek, from Slovenia- Europe. I am  a proud father of two boys and a business owner.  I grew from a kidpreneur selling dirt at around 5 years old to virtual CFO helping business owners grow their business.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in the industry where I had opportunity to learn not only on my own mistakes but also on other peoples issues and mistakes for the past 20 years. Many of those I gathered in my book for people to avoid.

Statistics hard truth is that 90% of businesses die within 1st 3 years and only 20% reach that 10 year mark.

Therefore this book is part of my desiring effort to help you prove me and everyone else wrong on this one. Use this book as a playbook how to run finances in your business.

At 15 I started to help in my dads Accounting Firm. At the time I also worked as a karate and Snowboard instructor.

At 20 years old I established my first company for Car care logistic with 2 friends, as business begun to pick up with couple big corporate clients 2008 struck and all went south.  Later on I earned my bachelors  degree from Taxes which led to establishing my solo tax practice from scratch. All this time I have also been present in a family company.

2019 I invested  and become stake holder and CEO in a company that was producing carbon fibber parts for Lamborghini and Ferrari racing departments due to my passion for cars which soon turned out I was scammed altho business was real.Networking in base tax-accounting business led me to a joint venture  with a mortgage broker with whom I partnered to expend tax-accounting in to a full blown financial consulting group.

Since 2020 I helped develop 100s of projects for clients. 2022 have I expanded consulting business to international clients. 2023 begun with big win launching my first best selling book “Master of Finance” that I wrote with intent to help more business owners understand financial aspect of business.

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