1. Episode 009: Luke Menkes of I Love Kelowna Mike Solitro 32:31

We welcome Luke Menkes of the I Love Kelowna podcast to discuss:

Where are you?

Can you tell us about Kelowna?

What is I Love Kelowna? Who have you met? Any good stories?

Have you told Gary V how he helped you?

How did your real estate career start?

How did you rebound?

Who are good sources of advice?

Any good animal transport stories?

How do you provide flexible solutions?

What do you do for fun?

What are you reading right now?

What didn’t I ask you (that I should have)?

Find Luke at: https://ilovekelowna.buzzsprout.com/

Find Mike at: https://www.accomplishedre.com

Mike Solitro Real Estate Attorney, Podcaster

Mike Solitro is a Real Estate Attorney, a Broker Associate, and the Founder of AccomplishedRE. For more than a decade, Mike has leveraged dispute resolution practices and lean principles to solve complex real estate problems, enhance collaboration, and has played key roles in countless transactions.