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On this episode of the Work From Home Forever podcast, we delve into the dynamic work life of Marisa Eikenberry, a multi-talented professional at the Kevin Eikenberry Group. For the past nine years, Marisa has been navigating the realm of hybrid work, making her a unique guest for our show. She passionately advocates for this work style, which allows her to balance in-office requirements like video shooting with the freedom to do deep work from home.

Her company, with its “can do” philosophy, embraces both remote and in-office work, fostering flexibility and trust among employees. Marisa’s journey from full-time in-office work to remote positions showcases the adaptability of her organization, even under the leadership of her father-in-law.

Marisa shares the advantages and challenges of remote work, emphasizing the importance of personal connections, which she and her husband maintain through a daily lunchtime tradition. This practice not only enhances their mental well-being but also strengthens their relationship.

We also explore Marisa’s communication strategies within her remote and hybrid team and her rankings of different work modalities. Her preferred choice? Hybrid work, combining the personal touch with deep work opportunities and a focus on mental health.

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Don is a serial podcaster and currently the producer and host of Work From Home Forever, a podcast highlighting remote employees and their engaging stories of furthering their careers and maintaining work/life balance. Don discovered his love for audio content creation in the 80's, when he and his brother would pretend they were DJ's and record voiceovers on cassette tapes. This passion was later reignited when he and his son created The Middle School Mind, a podcast to discuss a middle schoolers' perspective on the adolescent years.