1. Using Humor & Resilience to Overcome Setbacks TNCRadio.Live 51:50

Sometimes life takes turns on the road that are to handle. Setbacks can be tough and hard to recover from them. In this episode learn how to get around life’s curveballs and find your passion. Women Road Warriors featured Jan McInnis, a comedian and humor-in-business expert who used to write for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. Jan has worked with many celebrity comedians and has been a trailblazer for women in a male-dominated profession. She teaches ways to overcome life’s stumbling blocks and handle, recover and avoid missteps in the future. She talks about handling setbacks with humor and Resilience and staying open to new possibilities. Her keynote speech to audiences is Bouncing Back: Handling Setbacks with Humor and Resiliency. It’s based on her book Convention Comedian: Stories and Wisdom from 2 Decades of Chicken Dinners and Comedy Clubs. Jan talks about the challenges she has overcome and how she kept focused on her way to the top. She has a great message for women with a refreshing perspective on how to handle life. Tune in. You will get a chuckle and be inspired.




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Shelley Johnson Women Road Warriors Podcast

Women Road Warriors is a show designed to empower and inspire women in all professions and walks of life. It is hosted by Shelley M. Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro. Shelley is a seasoned talk show host, broadcaster, journalist, writer, and producer whose voice has been heard in major markets across North America. Kathy Tuccaro is a woman's advocate and motivational speaker in Canada who empowers women and girls around the world with her powerful messages. She drives the world's biggest truck in the oil fields of Canada as her regular job.