1. Is Your Man a Bad Pig or a Good Pig? TNCRadio.Live 50:36

Ladies, do you know what type of man you have or are choosing when you date? Michael Coogan, co-authored a book with William Burton called Know Your Man: Playful Advice for Understanding Your Man Pig. It is a humorous and informative look at the 9 personality types of men to help women communicate better with the one they have or avoid choosing the wrong “pig” and having to go back to the pig pen for another. Remember, there are good pigs and bad pigs. They also have moods. You’ll learn what those are and when to approach your man for the best results. Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro feature Michael Coogan on this episode of Women Road Warriors. He even describes what type of pig he is. Be sure to listen. You’ll get a chuckle and learn how to choose or have a healthy relationship. Tune in to this episode.




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