1. How Women Can Advocate to Get the Best Healthcare TNCRadio.Live 53:51

Women don’t always get the healthcare they deserve. They need to be proactive to get what they need. Dr. Farah Shroff is a strong advocate for improving women’s health and getting the medical community to focus on women’s issues. She has spoken in front of the United Nations. Dr. Shroff is the principal of Shroff Consulting, a public health, education, and social issues consulting company. She works in the Department of Family Practice and the School of Population and Public Health at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine. The focus of her research is developing Health for All. She has been a women’s health researcher and educator who focuses on midwifery, HIV, sexuality, and mental health. She is a fellow in international health at the Harvard School of Public Health. She also teaches compassionate self-talk and building self-esteem. Tune in for vital tips to improve your health, mental health and empower yourself on this episode of Women Road Warriors with Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro. Please subscribe to our podcast. It’s free.




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