1. Harness the Power of Your Dreams to Gain Answers & Guidance in Your Life TNCRadioLive 49:25

We all dream but did you know dreams can offer personal guidance and answers? You just need to listen and ask the right questions. A couple of The Beatles used dreams to help compose their music. Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro explore the power of dreams and their guidance with Machiel Klerk, mental health therapist and author of Dream Guidance. He teaches people how to achieve the life they want by gaining insight from their subconscious minds as they sleep. Learn how to harness this power. Tune into this episode of Women Road Warriors.




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Shelley Johnson Women Road Warriors Podcast

Women Road Warriors is a show designed to empower and inspire women in all professions and walks of life. It is hosted by Shelley M. Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro. Shelley is a seasoned talk show host, broadcaster, journalist, writer, and producer whose voice has been heard in major markets across North America. Kathy Tuccaro is a woman's advocate and motivational speaker in Canada who empowers women and girls around the world with her powerful messages. She drives the world's biggest truck in the oil fields of Canada as her regular job.