1. From Communist Bulgaria to Yale and Wall Street TNCRadio.Live 52:12

Ekaterina Curry was born in Bulgaria when it was a Soviet block country. After the fall of the Soviet Union, hyperinflation and other obstacles made the future bleak in her nation. She decided she wanted something better. At the tender age of 17, she set off by herself to the United States with just one suitcase. She was a stranger in a foreign land, facing a whole new culture and having to master English. She rose above the odds turned fear on its head and rose above the odds. She ended up graduating from both Yale and Brigham Young University and made her way up the ranks on Wall Street in the financial sector. Today, she teaches people about the power of a growth mindset to advance their lives and careers. She elevates people, teams, and companies and transforms them from good to great. Her story is nothing short of compelling. Tune in to this episode of Women Road Warriors when Shelley Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro interview this amazing woman. Get empowered and be sure to subscribe to our podcast. It’s free.



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