1. Founder of Thea Caye Helping Survivors of Human Trafficking TNCRadio.Live 51:19

Carlie Rioux is an amazing woman. She is a Millennial on a mission – a big one. She wants to make the world a better place by being sustainable and helping people who have been abused and enslaved across the world. Her company, Thea Caye makes fantastic, well-designed, environmentally-friendly beach bags that women seriously love. As she says, her bags are not a “hole of suck!” They have compartments and are perfect for a day at the beach or anywhere. Carlie’s company also helps survivors of human trafficking who have been forced into the sex trades and other situations by unscrupulous people. Carlie herself is a survivor of sexual assault. She started Thea Caye after she was sexually assaulted by four men on separate occasions. Women Road Warriors interviewed Carlie about how she is paying it forward and empowering women across the world. Don’t miss this episode.




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