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287 Cheri Boublis: Innovative Hospitality for Older Adults– Living a Vibrant Lifestyle

  1. 287 Cheri Boublis: Innovative Hospitality for Older Adults-- Living a Vibrant Lifestyle Gail Zelitzky and Catherine Marienau 27:41

Cheri Boublis is Senior Director for Hospitality Services at Plymouth Place in LaGrange Park, Illinois, a model for active community living. Cheri collaborates with the leadership, residents, vendors, and the larger community to offer wide-ranging services for adults who choose a vibrant lifestyle. Choice is the guiding concept for most everything at Plymouth Place—design of living space, travel, dining, cultural programs, the arts, wellness, and more. Cheri says she is of the age that she could live at Plymouth Place, and she looks forward to doing so when she is ready for that transition.

Plymouth Place is the premium sponsor and host site for Women Over 70’s first, in-person Symposium on October 19, 2024. 

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Website: Plymouth Place | Senior Living in La Grange Park, IL

Gail Zelitzky & Catherine Marienau Women Over 70 - Aging Reimagined

The decades that begin in our 70s require resilience to deal with new challenges, gratitude for living longer, and inspiration to enrich our own and others’ lives. Hosts Gail Zelitzky and Catherine Marienau are two such women. Their stories and the stories of the over 200 women they have interviewed celebrate women’s enduring courage, compassion and contribution. Our compelling stories shatter the myth that we become irrelevant as we age.

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