1. Leyla Uysal Marisa 21:18

Leyla Uysal is an Urban Designer and entrepreneur who serves as a Chief Executive of her Fashion brand Bajer. Bajer is a high-quality, uniquely designed business venture that provides empowerment to the Kurdish communities. Leyla believes that women and children should be empowered in the underrepresented and unfortunate communities so that we could make this world a better place for all. Therefore, her brand Bajer provides opportunities and empowerment for Kurdish communities across the globe.

Her outstanding company, Bajer, is published in many prestigious presses such as Europastar Magazine, Digital Journal, The NYC Journal, NBC News, CBS News, FOX and more. Leyla is a mother, wife, activist, designer, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and believer and most importantly a doer.
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Marissa Jones Mindset Coach, Mental Health Advocate and Host of Women CEO In Reflection

Marisa Jones is a teacher, community builder and Mindset Coach. After leading a successful career as an architect and strategic advisor leading global multimillion dollar technology projects, she published her memoir “The Lotus Tattoo: One Woman’s Grit from Bully to Redemption” in 2019 and now focuses on helping individuals balance mental health challenges with career success through her 1-1 coaching programs and corporate workshops.

Marisa is also the the host of Women CEO In Reflection, a podcast where women business leaders of our world get candid about mental health.