1. Episode #5: Trust yourself & think on your feet when faced with unexpected disruptions. Deborah Brown-Volkman 24:09

Jay spent 21 years working in a job that changed in an instant. He was the Senior Executive of Human Resources for Royal Caribbean. Then, C19 hit…

Ships were out to sea. There were 1,000’s of passengers and crew that needed to de-board. Boats were being turned away from ports and there were limited flights to take people home.

Jay Rombach had to act quickly; this meant thinking on his feet and adapting fast to what was happening around him. In the midst of uncertainty, Jay had to be a leader. Decisions needed to be made and Jay learned to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Because the cruise industry came to a standstill, layoffs were necessary. First the people around Jay were let go. Then, it was Jay’s turn.

Jay asked himself: “What do I do?” And, “what do I want?”

I talked to Jay about this period in his life and how self-discovery was the turning point and catalyst for his career pivot: helping professionals and leaders reinvent themselves and their careers.

Jay Rombach’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jayrombach

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site: SurpassYourDreams.com

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