1. Episode #3: You Can Do Anything You Want. Deborah Brown-Volkman 20:27

Jaime Merrithew went from “Can I possibly turn my passion into a business?” into 187,000 Tik Tok followers and 3.6 million video views. Jaime is a self-taught Mandala artist and owner of Mandala Love Affair, a highly-recommended and sought-after online retail business where every piece is unique and feels special when it arrives.

Jaime’s business took off during lockdown. She had the time and decided this was the time to turn her passion into a viable career. Her advice: You can do anything you want. You don’t have to have it all figured out before you get started. Experiment and have fun. Try; the pieces will fall together as you go.

Jaime’s contact info: @mandalaloveaffair (Tik Tok & Instagram)

Deborah Brown-Volkman’s web-site: https://www.SurpassYourDreams.com

Deborah Brown-Volkman Career & Executive Coach

“Wisdom Comes With Wrinkles” is a career-focused podcast hosted by 57-year-old Deborah Brown-Volkman, Career & Executive Coach who has 20+ years experience empowering clients to find new jobs, new careers, and new ways of overcoming workplace challenges. Deborah talks with guests who share their workplace experiences and lessons learned so they can pay it forward to the next generation.