1. Who Will Win the Impending Influencer Marketing Software War? Jason Falls 16:11

Influencer marketing software is, in many ways, the backbone of our industry. Sure, you can feasibly find influencers manually by browsing social networks, snooping around hashtags or doing some Google searches for link-bait posts about the top influencers in one category or another, but that’s time consuming and laborious. 

Influencer marketing software platforms like IZEA, Mavrck, CreatorIQ, Onalytica, Aspire, Julius, and certainly Tagger, our official platform and sponsor of this show … they are our engines that run our programs. We use them to search and discover relevant influencers, analyze and prioritize the list and in some cases connect, contract, coordinate and even compensate the creators we work with.

Now, as much as I love Tagger, I also loved using Julius before. I’ve also enjoyed using IZEA in the past as well. Not to mention the dozens of smaller players who might only focus on one social network or have some other niche application. Each platform has strengths and weaknesses but all of them can work for you in some capacity.

But we are about to enter a phase where the competition for users gets heated. There’s a new need coming for the industry … for influencers and brands alike … that these software companies are going to have to solve for.

It will be a race to the finish line for the true winner of this next software battle to be determined. Well, I know which software company is going to win the race and emerge as the new influencer marketing software of choice for most brands. 

I’ll tell you who in today’s commentary.

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Today we visit with T.J. Ferrara from Bubs Naturals, a health supplement company, about how they use Tagger. 

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