1. What is the Role of Influencer Marketing in Economic Development? Jason Falls 12:10

Most of you know I am from and live and work in Kentucky in the United States. And if you know anything about that state, especially the eastern part of Kentucky where I grew up, you know it has spent the better part of the last three or four decades trying to figure out how to overcome the economic void left by the downsizing of the coal industry.

Both automation and regulation have forced coal mines to lay off workers who never knew another profession. The downturn in jobs meant high unemployment, higher incident rates for poverty and beyond. 

What does that have to do with influencer marketing? I’ve been asked to contribute to Kentucky to the World, a group hoping to reshape the way the world sees my home state. In thinking about how I can contribute, I stumbled across an idea that hit me like a brick in the face.

I’m going to tell you more and how influencer marketing relates in today’s commentary.

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