1. What Brands & Influencers Need to Know About the Metaverse Jason Falls 19:58

The Metaverse has been on the top of minds and conversations of most people in the marketing space in the last few months. Ever since Mark Zuckerberg and Meta, ne’ Facebook, went all-in on VR to inflate stock prices because they had Oculus headsets to sell now, this seemingly new virtual world as a consumer and business reality has produced an explosion.

Unfortunately, the explosion as been one of consultants and experts and specialty agencies telling brands and influencers that if they’re not in the Metaverse, they’re yesterday’s news. 

Well, slow your roll there, though leader wannabes. The Metaverse is neat, but it’s not for everybody or every brand. And there’s still a lot of gap closing that needs to happen between consumer engagement there and brands solving the problem of how to drive that engagement. 

Last month I dedicated most of my monthly email newsletter to sharing my honest thoughts on the Metaverse and how brands, consumers and influencers can use it. The piece was so well received one of my fellow thinkers in the space, Ted Rubin, used my rant as his email newsletter last week.

It was the first newsletter in a long time that earned more than a couple of replies from subscribers, too. More than a dozen people reached out to say how excited they were to read it and how refreshing it was to have a realistic perspective on this new world to chew on. 

Today on Winfluence, I’m going to share much of that piece with you. I’ve put it through the filter of it being used as a podcast script and tried to underline the influencer marketing implications a bit, so it’s a little different than the original. 

 But I’m going to give you my honest opinion of the Metaverse and how we can and should prioritize its use in today’s commentary.

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