1. Understanding the Imperative of Short-Form Content Jason Falls 20:45

Despite my best efforts, the world of social media continues to migrate to … some might say devolve to … short form content as the most desirable type. Forgive my contrarianism about TikToks, Reels and Stories, but I’m a podcaster and a blogger. I’m also a B2B content creator myself, which tends to lean toward longer-form content as the preference. 

So my nature is simply the antithesis of 15-second videos and 10-second story frames. When I stop to consume content … and apparently create it … I want to read an article. Or watch an in-depth video interview or documentary. Or listen to a podcast, which depending on the topic, could last 15 minutes like my Monday commentaries. 30-minutes or so like these interview episodes, or even a lot longer if the subject of the interview or the topic of conversation is really interesting. 

But, I’m creeping up on 50. The trendy audiences most marketers covet are half my age. And alas, have less than half my attention span. 

All joking aside, all of us marketers, regardless of age or content preference, have to recognize, understand and implement strategies and tactics that feature short-form content.

Ashwath Narayanan is the CEO and founder of Social Currant. It is a, “next generation youth-powered emerging media agency,” according to its website at SocialCurrant.co. It also has a companion influencer marketing search engine to help you identify content creators.

But Social Currant specializes in that hot, trendy short-form content. So, I asked Narayanan to swing by and chat with us about why it is so imperative for marketers to embrace it, how to create good short-form content and his take on influence marketing in general.

I turned a nice phrase in this episode that bakes in a nice reminder of how to mix short form content with long-form, so keep an ear out for that. I’m hoping it catches on.  

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