1. The Present and Future of B2B Influence Marketing Jason Falls 34:34

A friend of mine reached out recently and asked me if influencer marketing was possible for B2B businesses. Keep in mind this friend isn’t in the bubble of marketing and doesn’t follow along with the same type of topics you or I do. He also probably didn’t give it much thought before asking.

When I explained to him that not only is B2B influencer marketing possible, but in my opinion, B2B brands have been deploying influencer marketing in far more sophisticated ways than B2C brands for a long time. I asked him rhetorically, “Who do B2B brands call on to be guests on their webinars or co-author reports and white papers? Industry experts, right? Who are influencers.”

My friend is a pretty bright guy. He actually responded with a “Duh” moment and thanked me for correcting his blind spot. 

It is true. Business to business brands use influence marketing all the time. I happen to host second podcast and streaming video show for CIPIO.ai called The Rise – The Community Commerce Marketing Show. You can find that wherever you get your podcasts or at CIPIO.ai/podcast

Our guests on that show are influential people in the world of marketing, business, technology and community building. We’ve talked to big-shot industry thought leaders like Bruce Cleveland, author of The Traction Gap, former Hubspot marketing lead Jeanne Hopkins, and many more. The reason we’re bringing those people to the podcast is because they are influential in the space of marketing decision makers and C-level executives we hope to reach with our product. They are influencers.

Soon, we’ll be rolling out webinars featuring someone other than me to help our customers and prospects learn better techniques to build and nurture community. CIPIO.ai’s suite of applications facilitates things like community influence marketing, so leveraging influential people who are knowledgeable about the topic attracts more people to our content which drives more leads and customers.

In fact, every webinar you’ve ever attended that featured a speaker from outside the company presenting the webinar … influence marketing for that company.

I can talk about this all day, but I thought it best to bring an influencer in the B2B influencer marketing space to the show to bring far more wisdom than I can muster. Rachel Miller lead influencer marketing efforts for SAP for a long time. She’s now heading up her own agency working with other clients on influence strategy in both the B2B and B2C space. 

Rachel has long been one of the big B2B brand representatives at the various influencer marketing marketing events out there, so a lot of the world of B2B influence marketing thinkers have learned from or been inspired by her. 

Today, we’re going to mine Rachel’s experience for insights on B2B versus B2C, what issues are holding brands back in influence marketing and more.

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